Milk + Honey began as a daydream without a name in 2012. In 2013 that daydream became an idea and that idea blossomed into a reality. Today it is a women's (and sometimes men's) vintage clothing shop which delves far beyond the typical aesthetic of just wearing clothing. We're about style, community, art, and relationships.  From early 1900 to 1990 we carry a wide array of timeless pieces that you will covet in your present day wardrobe, bridging the gap between yesteryear's fashion with today's trends.

In addition to vintage clothing we also offer other local, handmade, and other finely curated items such as jewelry, candles, accessories, socks, and leather goods. 

We are also pleased to announce that a series of skilled workshops will be coming soon!


The idea and passion behind what we wear also must be paired with how we wear it and why we wear it.